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The following points should be kept in mind by parents:

1. Krishna home Tuitions sends you a list of qualified and shortlisted home tutors based on your needs.
2. One free demo class will be provided by the tutor. (It will be charged if the student/ parent is satisfied with the tutor and wishes to continue working with him/her.)
3. If the student or parent enjoys the demo lesson, they must contact the tutorial and provide feedback on the tutor within 24 hours of the demo.
4. The tuition charge will be agreed upon by both the parent and the tuition agency. Parents and students are not permitted to communicate directly with our tutor.

Payments Regulations

1. There are no consulting fees for parents to pay.
2. Parents must pay the appropriate fee (after confirming the instructor) for the month in advance within a week.
3. Only our representatives will collect payment.
4. Payment should not be given to the tutor without prior consent from the agency otherwise, we will not be held liable for any payment disputes between the two parties.
5. We assure that the initial fee will be paid by you and will be entirely safe in our account for one month; if classes are not finished by our instructor, the remaining fee will be reimbursed.

Fraudulent activity

We are well cognizant of scenarios in which tutors offer clients lower fees than we do and persuade them to cancel
assignments and meet with them privately. Tutors, on the other hand, frequently force clients to terminate tasks early in order to earn a higher commission.
Note: Such activities are explicitly forbidden and will not be condoned under any circumstances. If someone is found to be engaging in such actions, they will be prosecuted in a court of law. As a result, the individuals implicated (tutor and parents) are sentenced to a tenfold fine.

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