Refund Policy

Refund Policy


Tutors will only be refunded if we cannot provide them with services under any circumstances. If Tutors decide not to continue their subscription with us for any reason, your registration cost will not be refunded. Details can be received by emailing or calling +91 8264723285


If the organization is unable to deliver the services, you require that the company repay you in full the advance payment you made in your bank account within 7-10 working days. Details may be received by emailing or calling +91 8264723285


If any of our tutors misses a class, the tutor exclusively has to complete the course. He could provide extra days or commit more time to regular classes to do this. We leave it up to the customers and tutors to determine how to cover the tutor's absence or extend the days until the beginning of the next month.


If you cannot attend a class or are planning a long vacation, we will only be able to reschedule your classes if we are notified in advance. Please note that our tutors do not compensate clients for time off taken because the client takes time off. However, clients are permitted to take a maximum of seven days off with the prior approval of our tutors. The leave is fully adjustable during this time because it falls under the category of informed leave, and our tutors will only compensate if they are informed well in advance.